Life is so short..

ImageWe shouldn’t waste our days away. We should live it to the fullest and then some. 

It’s so hard to be in one place yet know you need to be in another. All equally important, but who gets to decide? How can one decide. It’s not fair to have to make choices that effect others, others including yourself

Cherish each moment, the good times and the bad times. Pull together for all times, not just the bad. 



It’s a double Irish Chain Kind of Day!!!


I love making this quilt, it’s so beautiful and with the right colors it just pops. I made this  to sell at the sip and sew that I will be attending in October.

The one I made years ago for myself, I use as a center piece for my dining room table. It’s so pretty there, and is much better than a table cloth ever thought about being. It adds character.

ImageThis is the one I use on my table. I have been thinking about making different ones to change through out the year, but I love this one so much, I hate to not display it.

I used the Eleanor Burns, Irish Chain in a day book, her directions are so very simple and it’s quick to do once you get the hang of it. If anyone is ever interested, I would love to help you make one for yourself, or I could make one for you and charge an arm and a leg (not really), SMILES.

I have been quilting and crafting for so long that I can’t exactly remember when it all started for me, my grandmothers, and aunts were all artists, in one medium or another, or all mediums. I am very fortunate to have been handed down the craft that I love so.

I have so many ideas running around in my head that I can’t seem to harness what to do first, thus resulting in me getting my arse on a schedule. I so want this to be my life. I just have to manifest it.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will have more things to share. Until then…


Better late than never…


I have been hard at it today. Planning, cutting, and getting ready for sewing. 

I have been also catching up with dear friends, and trying to figure out why my phone charger decided to break in half. How does that happen? 




I so want to go ride the Ferris Wheel downtown Atlanta, I hate ferris wheels, but I so wanna ride this one. I am not completely sure why they scare me, but they do. 

Dance is starting to be in full swing, rehearsal is in progress. I am excited to see what this season brings, last year was so much fun and very rewarding. I also can’t wait to dig into the piles of costumes that we will be making. I LOVE doing it. It’s nice to get to be creative and see the pieces come alive on stage. How wonderful is it to have a vision, create it and then see it in action. Not many things are that rewarding. 

And as usual, off I go into the fabric abyss, that I love so….


Happy Monday!!



Wow, it’s already Monday, time sure does go by fast. Can someone fix that?

I had a friend write in my high school annual once that time slips by to enjoy every moment. I laughed at the message in my year book, when I was 16, now it’s not so funny. I have thought about that message many times and how many truths it holds. 

On today’s agenda, its really mostly like all my other day’s, sew, eat (maybe, I’ve not been feeling very well, lately) and dance. I am very thankful to not have as many miles to drive. 

All my window’s are open, letting the nice cool, breeze and allowing me to listen to the rain, I am sick of all of this rain, but it’s nice to listen to at 3 am when my brain won’t stop. I don’t know exactly why my brain want’s to think at 3am, can’t it think at times when it’s more convenient for me? It is my brain after all…

So off to face Monday. I am going to face it head on. 🙂


Yay!!! It’s Friday!!

Not that, that changes much. Busy as ever.

Tyler turns 21 tomorrow. I’ve been reflecting back to what I was doing this day 21 years ago. I was so nervous, with him being my first child and being so young ( I wasn’t a day over 4 :), yet excited.


He’s been a joy and a pain from day one. I am so proud of his hard work and his ambition. He has never been any trouble. Although, he does like to drive a tad bit too fast on occasion.


Now on to quilting the double Irish chain I am making.  It’s so pretty, I hate to sell it. However, I can make another.. Happy Friday Y’all.


It just may rain!


The problem with my title is that, it’s been raining every day this summer, well almost every day, it feels like every day. Now I love rain, but this is out of control. I want to go to Six Flags and use our season passes, I want to go ride the ferris wheel at Centennial Park. However, if it does stop raining, I will have to remember to water my hanging baskets on my deck. 

I used to dread it when I was growing up because my dad owned a Landscaping Company (still does) and if it rained he didn’t get to work, so I would worry about things that kids normally don’t worry about, you know, money, food and bills, even though I didn’t have to, I am pretty sure that my parents knew what they were doing. Because, we were always fed, clothed and had a great house to live in. 

The summers were great as we were growing up, we would wait about 10 minutes after mom would leave for work and head to the river, we were river rats, we always had a list of chores to do, and somehow, we always managed to make it home to get them done, and hide our wet clothes. As far as I know she never knew. Devin and I have often talked of writing a series of books on our adventures, as we had many. 

So today is a day of catch up as I was out and about most all of yesterday, Easton has dance, I need to make a few cakes, and get some things accomplished. 


Time just keeps flying by. For one moment I would love to make it slow down. 


Day Three…


Good Morning, and happy Wednesday.

I have a busy day ahead of me. For which I am very grateful for.

First on the cutting mat, are the trick or treat bags that I am making for the Sip and Sell, show I am going to in October. Then I have got to find my container of buttons, I know they are here, I just have no idea as to where, my two little snowmen rug mug’s are lacking eyes.

Then lunch with a friend, then back to sewing, projects for the studio, take Easton to dance, then a late dinner date with an high school friend and his family, that oddly lives two miles from me here in Atlanta (it’s a small small world).

Busy day, but… I am up for the challenge.