It just may rain!


The problem with my title is that, it’s been raining every day this summer, well almost every day, it feels like every day. Now I love rain, but this is out of control. I want to go to Six Flags and use our season passes, I want to go ride the ferris wheel at Centennial Park. However, if it does stop raining, I will have to remember to water my hanging baskets on my deck. 

I used to dread it when I was growing up because my dad owned a Landscaping Company (still does) and if it rained he didn’t get to work, so I would worry about things that kids normally don’t worry about, you know, money, food and bills, even though I didn’t have to, I am pretty sure that my parents knew what they were doing. Because, we were always fed, clothed and had a great house to live in. 

The summers were great as we were growing up, we would wait about 10 minutes after mom would leave for work and head to the river, we were river rats, we always had a list of chores to do, and somehow, we always managed to make it home to get them done, and hide our wet clothes. As far as I know she never knew. Devin and I have often talked of writing a series of books on our adventures, as we had many. 

So today is a day of catch up as I was out and about most all of yesterday, Easton has dance, I need to make a few cakes, and get some things accomplished. 


Time just keeps flying by. For one moment I would love to make it slow down. 



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