Happy Monday!!



Wow, it’s already Monday, time sure does go by fast. Can someone fix that?

I had a friend write in my high school annual once that time slips by to enjoy every moment. I laughed at the message in my year book, when I was 16, now it’s not so funny. I have thought about that message many times and how many truths it holds. 

On today’s agenda, its really mostly like all my other day’s, sew, eat (maybe, I’ve not been feeling very well, lately) and dance. I am very thankful to not have as many miles to drive. 

All my window’s are open, letting the nice cool, breeze and allowing me to listen to the rain, I am sick of all of this rain, but it’s nice to listen to at 3 am when my brain won’t stop. I don’t know exactly why my brain want’s to think at 3am, can’t it think at times when it’s more convenient for me? It is my brain after all…

So off to face Monday. I am going to face it head on. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy Monday!!

    • I suppose Mother nature is making sure that we are accustomed to the wet stuff, because I hear that it’s going to be a wet winter, just like our wet summer, wait did we have summer? Grr is right.

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