Better late than never…


I have been hard at it today. Planning, cutting, and getting ready for sewing. 

I have been also catching up with dear friends, and trying to figure out why my phone charger decided to break in half. How does that happen? 




I so want to go ride the Ferris Wheel downtown Atlanta, I hate ferris wheels, but I so wanna ride this one. I am not completely sure why they scare me, but they do. 

Dance is starting to be in full swing, rehearsal is in progress. I am excited to see what this season brings, last year was so much fun and very rewarding. I also can’t wait to dig into the piles of costumes that we will be making. I LOVE doing it. It’s nice to get to be creative and see the pieces come alive on stage. How wonderful is it to have a vision, create it and then see it in action. Not many things are that rewarding. 

And as usual, off I go into the fabric abyss, that I love so….



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